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ongoing engine prolems

bob martin Apr 10, 2009

  1. bob martin

    bob martin New Member

    can any one sugest a reason for the following symptoms
    Our 2005 a3 2litre fsi has always felt as though the engine was not quite smooth the garage did not agree.
    we had an engine managment light come on which they reset but it came back on we then had a coil pack fail , that was replaced and the light reset next time it came on the car sounded as though it was running retarded or perhaps running on 3 , it turned out that all 4plugs have burt to one side (28k on the clock)
    they were repaced but within 15 miles we are back to rough running and the light is back, the garage asked us to use only top quality petrol but have no idea what to try next the car has had anew cat at 2k miles and work to fix an oil leek any help would be very much apriciated
  2. Englishguy

    Englishguy New Member

    Obviously an Audi Approved garage should be able to find a cause with there diagnostic equiptment.

    When you say not quite smooth do you mean on acceleration, initial start up, hot start or just lumpy on tickover?

    1. I prosume that you have had an mot, and the emmisions side of that is ok, if not oxygen sensors read the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases to maintain a 14.7 air to 1 part fuel ratio (Ideal Ratio) If these are faulty it may cause undesired running problems.
    2. Are the coils all operating ok ie all a biscuit brown color to all the spark plug would indicate a good combustion.
    3. Inlet manifold air leaks, air filter condition etc
    4. Fuel filter condition and delivery pressure etc
    As you can see there is alot that could go wrong and getting the correct information as to the relevance of the fault would be critical.
    I hope this may have been of some help..........

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