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Onepiece bumper / Diffuser swap.

Kjaer85 Feb 26, 2014

  1. Kjaer85

    Kjaer85 Member


    I got the one piece bumper on my A3 Sportback MY11.
    I really like the RS3 or Facelift S3 diffusers. But i know they won't fit my bumper.
    Have anyone seen a great aftermarket alternative? Or have anyone been in the same situation?
    i really don't want to swap the entire bumper, just the diffuser.
    Every replica i've seen from Ebay is for a 3 door, or the 8P3 or 8P2 bumper:( and sits in a lower valance. But my bumper is a one piece.

    My bumper is the same as shown in the picture.

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