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One year in.

goon May 16, 2011

  1. goon

    goon Member

    After one years of ownership a mini review of my 2005 A4 2.0 tfi quattro.
    Performance- adequate,but a lack of mid range punch means the engine has to be revved hard.
    Economy- disappointing after 1.8T but thats the price of 4 wheel drive.
    Comfort/Equipment- its the base model so no sunroof,rear electric windows or proper air con,but roomy and comfortable with good seats and a nice big boot.
    Handling/roadholding-very good hasnt stepped out yet,plenty of grip even if the steering isnt the most communicative.
    Reliability/finish- excellent hasnt broken down or failed in any way,quality of finish superb inside and out.

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