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On Your Marks - ASDA Charity Day

AudiNutta Jul 3, 2013

  1. AudiNutta

    AudiNutta Well-Known Member Team Racing Blue Mica Audi RS3 quattro Sportback

    Hi Guys,

    Well I previously posted regarding this track day going back nearly a year ago, when it was too late to arrange anything.

    Basically I am working on a place for the Audi-Sport forum. Unfortunately the track this year is fully booked and we can't get on until next year.

    But what we have been offered is access. It is normally only open to ASDA employees and their close relatives. But due to the forum being interested in joining next years, we have been given a limited number of letters which will grant permission for you to gain entry to have a look around in preparation for next year.

    You will have full access to all the facilities and everything that goes on for the day, so it is a brilliant opportunity for people to go and check it out and have a good day out with the family!!

    It is being held on Saturday 10th August 2013, I believe it all kicks off at 9am and continues maybe to 5:30PM.. which is when things start to shut down.

    Here is the website for you to have a look around at everything there:


    Right so here is what I can offer..

    We have 20 of these letters available, that is 20 cars. It is £10 on the gate for entry.
    Here's what you have to do to get your letters.. post pictures of your cars, entries stop on July 20th.. which is when me and my Dad will be judging the cars as to who gets the passes.. this gives everyone a chance rather than just first come first serve. The winners will be informed via PM by 25th July, if we do not get a response within 2 days the opportunity to go will be passed onto another member. On your response we will require a name and an address which for 50p sent to my PayPal I will send the letter personally, direct to you via 2nd class post.

    Please keep on your best behaviour during the event as it is strictly a private event with only ASDA employees and very rarely invited guest, you are pretty privileged to gain access. So not only do you get a look around it is a fantastic day out for the family to enjoy the facilities and a huge range of supercars there! Please look on the website, there are so many things happening there.. all can be seen on the website!

    All you have to do then is turn up on the day at Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome and present your letter and your £10 at the gate to get in.

    In return we have been told to post this direct from ASDA in Lutterworth from the organisers, please notice the very good hotel deal:

    SATURDAY 10th AUGUST 2013
    On Your Marks has always been about seeing and doing the unusual, below is the list of confirmed items for this years show and we hope we have kept up that genre of the unusual.
    First the bad news
    It is with great regret that we will have to change the entry donation per car to £10.
    The cost of everything has gone through the roof and we have managed to keep the price down for the last twelve years. Everything else inside the show is still based on a £5 note.
    Now the good news
    We will be at our usual venue, Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Leicestershire. This has been our 'home' for the past 12 years and is ideally suited for the type of day we organise.
    By request from Bruntingthorpe, we have been asked to move our day from a Sunday to a Saturday because of local environmental noise issues.
    The hotel deal.
    We have confirmed our usual special deal at the Hinckley Island 4 star Hotel for just £55 per night per double room and twin (this year) for 2 with breakfast (from 06,30) included , that’s only £27.50 each, for the 9th August, and the same deal for the 10[SUP]th[/SUP] and 11th August 2013.
    If anyone does want to take advantage of this fantastic deal, all you have to do when booking (Telephone 01455 631122) is quote our reference 'OYM13' and you will get the £55 rate.
    Just across the round about there are 2 local pubs, the Hinckley Knight and the Three Pots Harvester where you can get good quality beer and food at a very reasonable price.
    On Your Marks charities
    Well we must be mad but we are going to do it all again on the Saturday 10th Aug 2013 at Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire, and this year we will be doing the show for "Orchid “ the cancer charity. And we will also be supporting some children’s cancer charities at the show as well.
    Our WEBSITE is up and running, so you can look for all the information you might need, such as maps and information on the day. There is also a Facebook page, just type in On Your Marks and you should get to it.

    Why we do it?

    On Your Marks started twelve years ago, we had a driver called Mark Hickingbottom, who was dying of lymphatic cancer after serving his country in the first gulf war, we approached the owner of Bruntingthorpe (David Walton) and asked if we could have a day with some trucks and a few cars on the proving ground, and he said yes. This went very well and we made £7,500 for his family but unfortunately Mark died a week before the event.
    The car clubs that came on the day asked if we could carry on with the event, so we approached his family and asked if we could do the day in his memory and use his name,
    Twelve years down the line we have raised over £270,000+ for cancer charities, and if you add the money the charities have made on the day we must be well over £300,000, and we now get
    20,000 colleagues, friends and family there on the day. An indication on how big” On Your Marks "is now, on the first year we put up 350 metres of plastic safety fencing, well this year we have just ordered 6,100 metres of steel safety fencing that’s 6.1 kilometres’.
    We insist that the charities are there on the day and that some of the sick children can hopefully attend , then at 14.00 on the day we open a special Pit for them and call all the special cars in for them to get in and go around the track for free and their parents and siblings. This is very special and is the pay back for all the hard work that Chris and myself put in, we both walk away with a tear in our eyes,
    The companies that help us put this on, and the deal is that their employees can come as well and enjoy the day ,we have to give a special mention to A1 cones , they have supported us for about ten years now , and without them we could not put on this extradinary charity show,
    A.1.cones they come in and put out over 1,700 road cones, and then pick them up the same night
    N.F.T. will be supplying two trucks to go on the track with instructors.
    Fresh link support us with two trucks to go on the track with instructors.
    Jungheinrich they supply us two forklifts for the putout and the uplift which takes us four days to put up and two days to take down.
    Malcolm's transport they supply us a rough terrain forklift (JCB).
    Cotts U.K... They supply a trailer of almost out of date pop to sell to colleagues on the day (otherwise they would put it into the landfill).
    Volvo UK they supply the Show trailer that fronts the Asda National Driver of the Year and new trucks for you to drive at the show.
    Scania UK they supply the Show trailer that fronts the Asda National Driver of the Year and new trucks for you to drive at the show.
    Mercedes .uk will be bringing along a brand new truck with six seats so some families can go out on the track together.
    Apex plant supply a mini 4x4 j.c.b for us to get about on.
    M.T.S. group supply 4 golf buggy’s for us to get around on quickly.
    On your marks confirmed list for the 10th August 2013
    Well its not far away now, below is the confirmed list for this year, we will pass on the posters and guest passes when they are ready, and they will be available from your team leaders.

    Terry Grant car stunt display team.
    With our policy of only booking the very best in the industry we have great pleasure in announcing we have managed to get the car stunt legend Terry Grant who is probably the very best in the world today. He will be giving two breath taking 35 minute displays
    Bolddog Ling’s FMX Freestyle Motorcycle
    Display team.
    As Honda’s official and the UK’s number one motorcycle display team, the Bolddog Lings team base their show around the world’s largest and most sophisticated mobile landing system.
    The show features the UK’s top ranked freestyle motocross riders, incorporating the latest heart stopping tricks as usually only seen on TV and will perform the exclusive motorcycle back flip. The team set the standard 14 years ago and now continues to push the boundaries of FMX and lead the way for all motorcycle display teams. There will be Two thirty minute displays.
    Lee Bower’s Motorcycle display team.
    Again only the best, Lee Bower is the number one stunt rider in the UK and Ireland and in the top 5 in European competitions. Lee performs an exciting display of highly skilled stunts on a sports bike. More than just wheelies and drifting, Lee’s display includes acrobatics and many other tricks. Two thirty minute displays
    Leicestershire Fire Arms & Dog Unit.
    We asked them to come back as they were amazing to watch as some of the best trained dog handlers in the county show you what they can really do with some of the best trained dogs. (Subject to availability on the day). Two thirty minute displays
    The Nuneaton dog obedience display team
    Again only the best, world class trainers with their dogs doing what they do best in the main
    Grass arena
    The Nuneaton Dog Agility& Flyball Display team. The Nuneaton dog agility and flyball display team are the very best in the u.k. and have proved it a number of times at the Crufts dog show when they came first two years ago, and third this year. Just watch these dogs and their owners show you what they can really do.
    Displays all day
    DAKOTA DC.3 12:45 Have you ever wondered what it was like to sit in one of those Dakota’s that flew our lads across the channel in 1944, well now you can , this aircraft will be open to the public from 08’30 until 12’00 when it will be prepared for its breathtaking display at 12’45

    For the first time in the history of the show we have been honoured with a full flight flypast by three of the most iconic aircraft from the second world war from , RAF Coningsby


    O’Brian’s flying circus 13:15 Brendon O’Brian is a legend in the flying world, his aircraft is only a small piper cub, but you just wait and see what he can do with it, Brendon is going to attempt to land his aircraft on
    A Moving Trailer?

    The trig aerobatic display 13:30 We only ever book the best, and this aerobatic team are one of the very best in the U.K. today, and they fly two of very best aerobatic aircraft ever built. The Pitts special is an amazing aircraft and is designed to take some of most extreme aerobatics a pilot can do in an aircraft.

    Sit in a real spitfire.
    Static Supermarine Spitfire mk2
    Did you know it’s the 75[SUP]th[/SUP] anniversary of the spitfire this year, Have you or a relative ever wondered what it would be like to sit in a real spitfire , well now you can, sit in this spitfire mk2 and run your hands over the gun button and hear the sound of the guns firing .
    Static Cold war Jets We will be having a mixture of static cold war jets and other fighter aircraft and helicopters on static display around the main arena.
    Asda George sale from 08:30
    ASDA George sale is run buy a lady called Justine who is now a legend with “shop till you drop”. Last year we had 119 rails of clothing on sale and the most expensive thing was £3, there were a lot of very happy ladies at the show last year and a lot of Asda colleagues got jumpers for Christmas.
    Helicopter flights & Flying Lesson’s From 09:00 East midland helicopters will be there and you can fly in a bell jet ranger on the day £35 or you can even take a helicopter flying lesson on the day in a Robinson R22 for £100 (normally £400)
    This is very popular every year so get booked in when you arrive,
    High Speed Super Car.
    Passenger Experience
    On the track from 09:00 till 17:00
    On the track , well this year we will have about 340 high speed cars to go in for a £5 including, lotus ( 30 cars ) TVR (50 cars ) Auto Adrenaline ( 30 cars ) Subaru ( 50 cars ) Ford gt 40 ( 10 cars) East midlands car club ( 30 cars ) GT roc ( 20 cars )Maserati car club ( 20 cars) Vauxhall VX220 car club ( 20 cars ).Rally for Heroes (20)and the London Tunnelers (30).
    Drive a 44Ton Asda Truck. From 08:30
    Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, and Iveco will hopefully be there with all their new trucks, so you can drive one of these 44 ton trucks with an instructor beside you around the 4.5 mile long track, film it on your mobile & see how hard it really is to master one of these land monsters. £5

    Rewaco Trike’s From 09.00
    Have you ever wondered what its like to ride on a trike? Well here’s your chance. Experience the thrill of these 3 wheeled trikes as you power your way around the long track. There will only be a few of these on the track so look for the Rewaco stand and hold on!!! £5
    Ride a Segway From 09.00
    Ride on one of these two wheel wonder’s with instruction on its own track. £5
    Hovercraft experience From 09.00
    Ride as passenger on these F1 hovercraft and we have been told they will do 0-60 in 3 sec. £5
    Drive a J.C.B. fastrack From 08.30
    Drive the fastrack tractor around the lorry track with instruction £5
    M4 karting Go-kart experience From 08.30
    M4 Karting will be there on their own track again, and you can take out a twin engine Honda for a dozen laps and scare the living daylights out of your self, £5
    The jumbo jet rally
    Be a Co/Driver in a Super Rally Car From 08.30
    The only rally in the world that goes through a aircraft bone yard and then under a Boeing 747 jumbo jet, Cannock rally club will be bringing about 70 rally cars for you to go in as co/driver for £5 everything from a mk1 escort to a 2008 M3 bmw will be racing around the jumbo rally stage with you as co-driver, all the right ingredients for wetting your pants, £5
    Extreme 4x4 experience From 08.30
    Foss & Watling Land Rover Club will be there in strength with about 20 landys of all shapes and sizes and will take you out on the extreme 4x4 track , this is the most popular ride of the day and the kids love it , the Club even has a special landy that they have converted to take wheelchairs, nothing like a landy full of kids going though 5ft of water, more wet pants then! £5
    J.C.B. 360 & 180 driving experience
    J.C.B. will be bring there fleet of 180 / and 360 diggers and tracked machines for you to have a go on get the kids to knock over the skittles, and watch as they climb all over these great machines. 8 Metre Climbing wall For All Ages
    Get granny and the kids to have a go on this Huge 8 Metre climbing wall, its only £ 3 a go.

    Radio Controlled 1/14[SUP]th[/SUP] Truck Display
    We have invited back Tamiya models as they put on a fantastic display and built a complete model village! They are the bees knees in the model industry and you will see just how good these guys and girls are at building them and operating them, we are hoping that there will be over thirty of them running around the specially built track for them in the Tamiya tent.
    Radio Controlled Model Tank Display
    Marvel at these mammoth models, and wonder how long it took to make them and how much they would cost to make, some of them are worth over £6,000 and most of these modellers will bring 4 or 5 of these fantastic models to the show this year.
    Asda Fork Truck Driver of the year.
    Drivers will be battling it out, lifting things up and down, and trying to drive through a devious course set by cunning people.
    Asda lorry driver of the year.
    Lorry drivers from all around the county from all our depots will be driving and testing their skills in a very difficult manoeuvring course set by Scania Trucks professionals.
    Who will earn the accolade of being the top depot driver for Asda this year!
    Other events to run all-day.
    The radio control boat club will be doing their thing; there will be a fun fair with adult rides, and, mini motto’s, mini quads and other events running all day.
    All new food court
    Because we have lost our in house canteen which did the most of our food in the past we have replaced it with two new food outlets , we hope to be serving everything from hog roast’s to burger’s and hot dogs to jacket potatoes , all at affordable prices .

    Regards John and Chris.

    I apologise if that isn't laid out the best but it is exactly how it was presented to us from ASDA.

    If you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to ask.



    (Posting this up with the permission of JoJo)

    Last edited: Jul 3, 2013

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