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on the look out for an A3 1.8t

motorsportbeng Feb 8, 2012

  1. motorsportbeng

    motorsportbeng New Member

    hi all, I'm on the look out for an a3 1.8t. I test drove my first example today which was a 5 door quattro version, and I was very impressed by how well it drove considering it had covered 100k miles. only few concerns I had were a tappety noise when I was listening before the test drive but this may well be due to the cold conditions and hydraulic buckets. it pulled well in all the 6 gears but I reckon a remap would be on the cards fairly soonish. The other concern is that the temp gauge did'n't even reach 70 degrees before dropping back down to around 60. I couldn't tell whether it was fans coming on or the stat opening but is this normal given the -2 degrees ambient?

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