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on the hunt for an a1!

ian 06 A3 2.0 tdi s line Jul 3, 2011

  1. hello guys. after much fun in my 2.0 tdi a3 for 2 years i decided it was time for a change, to a petrol engine being the 1.4 tfsi and in my head i ideally wanted another a3. after taking a trip to audi one of the guys in the workshop told me not to go for the current a3 as they are releasing the new shape in a few months and me being me...i would b gutted if i bought a new car, and a NEWER model came out! so i had a look round the showroom and although i did have the a1 in the back of my mind i didnt consider it until i opened the door and sat inside. what a surprise! i have the spec i want as follows...s line xennon plus, bose,super sports seats, which are amazing to sit in and the car has to be the 185 variant of the 1.4 tfsi engine. which i figured would have more than enough power. as i will find out tomorrow on a test drive and some extra bits and bobs which i havent yet looked at but those are the main ones. and the best thing is that my insurance is nearly 1100 pounds cheaper so i am over the moon. if theres anyone with a 185 on here who is willing to share their experiences with their car i would greatly appreciate it. also does the a1 have paddleshift? i forgt to take notice when i sat inside it and i do like using them the odd time and i am just wondering if you get that loveley dsg pop inbetween gear changes like you do with the 2.0 tfsi engines in the s3 and tts because that would sureley be the icing on the cake for me!

    thanks in advance


  2. christam

    christam New Member

    This is where you need to go:


  3. MattyW19

    MattyW19 Member

    Moving from a 2.0TDI to a 1.4 TFSI would be a good call in my eyes! I have a 11 Plate White A3 S Line 1.4 TFSI and it seems to have the legs on 2.0TDI Golf GT's/A3's etc. However, a friend of mine has a 1.4 TFSI 185 A1, and I must say we were very disapointed in the difference between the cars. When driving together she pulled a little - but her words were 'she wouldn't say that there in a different league'! I thought that the 185 A1 would be rapid, but even when im in the car it doesn't seem much more booty than mine?

    I'd def go for the Xenons - especially with the DRL. However, friends of mine refer to her car as a 'posh polo' - it's also in a creamy white colour?

    See what you think of it tomorrow anyways! My brother has a similar one to me, but he'll only be happy with a car providing its Bugatti Veyron speed (Which is understandable).. he also drove an S3 and thought it needed more.

    Oh and the new shape A3 is forcasted for late 2012 - Looking like early 2013 to me! ;)
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