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On the hunt again...

leggydan Nov 28, 2013

  1. leggydan

    leggydan New Member

    Didnt realise i registered here before but seems like i did. Im currently driving a modified 2.0 subaru legacy, running 340bhp at the minute, its a lot of work and extra care and attention needed due to all the modifications so im Im thinking of changing car early next year and looking at some newer cars and a few difference audi models:

    2007/08 s6 5.2
    2006/07 rs4
    2008/2009 a5 2.7/3.0 tdi

    My boss in work has an s6 saloon and i drove it and thought it sounds gorgeous and is just in a different league to my legacy in terms of build quality and comfort. im mainly looking for something with more poke/refinement/comfort than my legacy and something that you can maintain yourself easy enough and doesnt cost a second mortgage when it comes to replacement parts.

    Obviously out of all of the mentioned cars the rs4 would probably be the most expensive in terms of maintenance/running costs, the TDI's would be the most econmincal/sensible choice and the s6 would be in the middle ground i guess.

    All i have heard problem wise is some DRC issue with RS4's, anything in particular bad about the 2.7/3.0 diesel models or the 5.2 s6?

    Is there any other models i should consider? Im trying to buy a car i can just jump in and drive, i think im done with the whole aftermarket modifications, at most i would go for a remap and basic brake upgrades( discs/pads and lines if needed on the s,rs models)
  2. R90 STL

    R90 STL Well-Known Member

    rs4 would definitely win my vote. such stunning cars! I wouldn't rule out the s4 either. Those are nifty too

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