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OMG....Plastic Caps in boot!

Farhan Oct 26, 2011

  1. Farhan

    Farhan Active Member

    Right all a while back when i changed my rear lights and rear bumper 3 of the plastic boot caps that cover the fixings in the boot fell down the back and i cant get them out at all.

    Think that area is sealed where they fall so no way in. Luckily its never rattled and its been ages now but i thought let me call audi to replace these.

    shall we play the guessing game of the cost?? They come in a small parts kit cannot buy separately but looking on etka what else is in the small parts kit i do not know! i just saw reference to 4 plastic caps!




    Can one assist in a shall i say more cost effective solution to replace these....
  2. FranA3

    FranA3 FMDETAILING Site Sponsor Regional Rep Gold Supporter Team Brill Red Audi A3

    :lmfao: I've got about 5 of these frickin things down both sides grrrrrr lol
  3. brough74

    brough74 Member

    Im sure on mine, 8P2 if you take all the bottom of the boot out including the moulded bit with all the tools in (which is a pain to remove) you can get to them. I dropped mine and thats what i did.
  4. Farhan

    Farhan Active Member

    Did have a look at that but still cant locate them. Would possibly mean removing all the boot trims which i dont really want to do. Fear of breaking clips etc.

    Would rather buy them at a cheaper price, Fran did you ever order any ?
  5. L1ARR

    L1ARR Active Member

    I went to Audi with the same request, they sell the pack which includes other clips and fixings for that ridiculous price. I ordered them and the nice chap in the service dept felt guilty and discounted them to £17.

    It's Audi way of making more money, I suppose from a logistics and stock prospective it
    would mean they have to store less individual items. Not great for the customer but is good for Audi's back pocket.
  6. BBlackburn

    BBlackburn Member

    I can't believe that price it's unreal the prices are straight from Audi, I went in to get the smallest part from my rear wiper the small screen wash plastic thing that directs onto the window. Smallest thing on the car £7.49.
  7. nad

    nad Member

    The dealer knows they can get away with it because it's the kind of part that would usually only be available through them. If you bought the car or have it regulary serviced from them, mention this to them and tell them you cannot justify paying that for what is only a bit of plastic that is of nominal value. Nicely ask if they can perhaps waiver the cost as onetime gesture of goodwill for being one of their loyal customers. They are cheeky with their prices so why not be cheeky back. They would usually be too embarrassed to say no as it's nothing to them and would want to keep you as one of their happy customers. Failing that, try calling some local Audi breakers to see if they have any they can remove from a car, I'd expect them to charge only a quid or two, or might even say you can just to take them. If you don't have any luck, I'll be able to get you some next time I go to my local breaker.
  8. DaveyB

    DaveyB No misfires.

    Absolutely right - this is what I did. No need to remove trims, clips etc just the space saver and all the polystyrene mouldings. I have done this more than once I might add.
  9. Farhan

    Farhan Active Member

    Going to remove the spare wheel and have a look again, Last time i removed the spare wheel to fully clean the boot out i found non of them.

    Nad thanks ifyou do come across any let me know, In the meantime im going to try and get hold of some breakers.

    I would ask audi out of courtesy to sort me a deal but its still ridiculous paying that much money for plastic caps, No way would i pay more than 6-7quid for them.

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