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Older Audis vs Newer ones....

vavavag Dec 23, 2011

  1. vavavag

    vavavag Member

    Went with my mate to testdrive a 57 plate a4 s line 170 today. I thought it was going to be reallllly nice to drive and a big improvement on the one before it which you would expect as its a newer car. BUT/..... A big but that is... Compared to the 04 plate a4 1.9tdi sport 130 that we have for the family, I thought it wasn't as good. The older car feels more sturdy and well built for some reason!!

    Then we went to check out a 56 plate 2.0tdi s line a3. Drove it and again thought 'this really isn't that great.' It's al or nothign when your driving locally... The turbo is aggressive but nothign before it and wheel spins if you put your foot down!

    Then got back hoem and drove my quattro sport.. Ther car felt sooo much better. Better steering, better handling, way more sturdy! Partly down to it being a quattro but it can't be just down to that!?

    I test drove a mk4 golf gt tdi today aswel and it was also really nice! found the 1.9tdi pd alot nicer! I dont know what it is!

    The newer Audis don't seem to be as solid for some reason. I find with the A4s that the model from 2001-2004 just feels like it was built to last and feels more solid!
    The newer ones are better to look at but I prefer the drive on the previous cars!

    My opinions btw! So not slating anyones car!

    Your thoughts....
  2. benh999

    benh999 Member

    1.9 GTTDI pd130 is a cracking engine, a remap will see 170bhp. Just make sure they have been regularly serviced and the correct oil is used as they have a nasty habit of eating camshafts :(
  3. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    Big fan of the 1.9TDi engine, we had an Ibiza TDi FR with it in 2004 and with Revo on it the car was staggering.

    See where you are coming from on build, but recycling standards and cost of manufacturing plastics (high oil prices) mean you are starting to see some slight value engineering of button / switchgear. Also I've noticed controls like steering feel over servoed on later cars as they are trying to make cars low effort to drive.

    Tough call really, it's easy to prefer what you know. It may just be worth sticking with yours until it becomes non economic.
  4. crazy88

    crazy88 Loving the anonymity

    I was having this discussion with a friend the other day. We were both saying old cars, although basic, we're far more fun to drive as you felt connected to them. Nowadays it's all electronics between you and the wheels and it's a little less confidence inspiring.

    As for build quality, I agree that the newer cars seem a little less well built. They are better, but I wonder how well they'll fair in 8 years (like my a4).
  5. vavavag

    vavavag Member

    I went with my mate because he wants the newer a3 tdi s line. Really unimpressed with the way it drives. Probably really nice on the motorway but the 170 isn't very good to drive locally. The engine in the golf mk4 gt tdi is awesome. I had one a few months back and have to say its one of the best hatchbacks I have ever driven. They hold their value aswel. Eitehr my quattro is mint, or they are just better to drive! lol.

    What are the 2.0tfsi a3s like?

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