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Old poster needs help!

jars Aug 23, 2012

  1. jars

    jars Member

    Evening all!

    Having left for pastures new (briskoda.net) I've found my way back here(!) and need someone to work out my riddle involving a MK1 TT rear brake calipers.

    I changed from my 8P A3 2.0TDI sport to a Skoda Fabia vRS and want to upgrade the rear brakes as they look lost behind my wheels.

    I know the rear setup from a 2wd TT will go on and have found someone with the 256mm rear calipers etc but he can't say for certain if they came from a 2wd TT, all he could say was that he tried to fit vented disks but wouldn't fit but the solid disc would....

    My logical way of thinking was the vented disc for the Quattro and solid disc from the 2wd, but that's a guess and have no idea really so I was hoping someone who drive them could help!?!?

    Cheers, J
  2. dzTT

    dzTT Active Member


    Im pretty sure you're right in your thinking. When I had mine it was vented disks on the back for the quattro. solid disks are for fwd tt as you can see if you check europarts or whatever.


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