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Old navigation?

Bing_IRL Dec 2, 2008

  1. Bing_IRL

    Bing_IRL Member

    Hi All,

    New to the forum so please go easy on me. I'm very seriously considering buying an A4 2.0TDI B7 S-Line and have a few questions about one that I saw today.

    I've in my head to install the RNS-E but when I looked today, the one I want already has navigation installed. It's got a concert radio but the nav is appearing in the DIS. Would this be a total waste of money to install?

    The car also has phone prep. It's got the arm rest cradle (for an obsolete phone) but does this mean that it also has bluetooth capabilities? It has the multifunction steering wheel by the way!

    Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm too excited to hold off making an offer for too long.



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