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Ok some more newbie questions!

IDUA3 Apr 18, 2007

  1. IDUA3

    IDUA3 In Audi Heaven

    Hello everyone, first post on here!

    Ive been dreaming about an A3 since I passed my test, and now Ive finally gone and got one!!! :) Happy Days!

    I would of loved one of the second gen ones but couldn't afford so had to opt for an A3 1.8T Sport, T Reg.

    While the car is quite old it is in immaculate condition, inside and out,and is one of the finest examples from the year ive seen. It had only done 3K over the previous 2 years before I picked it up at the beginning of March, ( ive already added another 1K! :) Full Audi history, cam belt done etc . . . good buy for £4500.

    Thing is, while it is already a "minter" to me I really want to do it up and make it look even better so what im looking for here is any advice or tips from people who have done similar.

    I want to go to 18" but cant decide on what rims would look the best. Are there any S-Line refinements etc I can add easily?

    If anyone has any pictures of your car with any changes would love to see them for inspiration!

    Thanks in advance! :blackrs4:
  2. normski

    normski Member

    I personally like the old style RS4's on the Mk1 A3, think they look really classy without being boy racerish.

    Wheels definately maketh the car, IMHO, and that's where I would start.

    I currently have an 8yr old Passat with the 1.8T engine which I have had from new and covered 140,000.

    The engine is still fantastic and will be missed even though I am getting an S3, it is bullet proof and yet fast, has cost me peanuts in parts with regular servicing, plus a remap works wonders.

    Enjoy your new car mate.
  3. markwiggy

    markwiggy Third Gear

    Sounds like a nice car mate , had a couple of these myself. Enjoy !!

    You have posted on the wrong forum though , you need to be on the 8L A3/S3 chassis.

  4. IDUA3

    IDUA3 In Audi Heaven

    Thanks mate!
  5. IDUA3

    IDUA3 In Audi Heaven

    Oh right, I may get some more help there then, will put it up inthere aswell!


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