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Ok fitted Dump Valve.. Is it Fitted right tho?

Charlies604 Dec 21, 2005

  1. Charlies604

    Charlies604 Member

    Ok its in, took bout 20mins to do.
    Iv put it in backwards like iv been told.. hope this is rite.

    The base is in the lower pipe, the one that goes from the turbo oulet to the intercooler. And the side pipe is in the TIP.
    Does this sound rite? Can still hear the turbo boost and cut out.

    Cheers all, Ill take sum pics so ya can see l8r. Ciao
  2. Sounds about right Charlie... good job. Did you find it fiddly??
  3. Charlies604

    Charlies604 Member

    I was well impressed with the fitting, once id taken off the undertray, i just undid both jubilee clips, one of which faced the wrong way so i had to go in from the top with a screwdriver.
    Pulled it out the top and pulled off the Vacuum hose.
    Then put the new one in from below, did up both clips and pushed the Vac hose back on!

    20mins ish... Also got my rear door fixed, drivers rear doesnt open from the inside.
    Iv been dreading taking the door apart for 7months now.
    Whipped it of and the cable had just jumped out of its clip. 5min job and that was fixed too!

    Got the Ramair Panel filter in too!

    Quick shift on the way, and then a remap in jan! ROLL ON 200BHP!
  4. Legend. Nice one /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ok.gif

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