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  1. jonny flares

    jonny flares New Member

    Hi everyone, thanks for reading and hope you may have some advise,

    just had a minor service on my 53 A3 2.0 tdi and was told that the turbo was "OILY", this is the second time and a second different mechanic that's told me this so having done about 10,000 miles between service's I'm beginning to sweat a little.

    The first time the guy toldme it was oily so cleaned it up for me and said it may last 100,000 miles or it could go in 10 it's all down to luck, saying around £1300 to replace so i just thought he was trying it on and decided not to go to him again, still a so called AUDI SPECIALIST even though i was left with oily boot marks all over my carpets and later found out he'd over filled the car with oil (about 2-3 inch's above the max mark),

    so this time (and 10.000 mile later) i decided to take it to Audi just to have a minor service which was where i was told for the second time about the oily turbo (oil leak from the turbo) but nothing more than that as it would have to be investigated as the minor service didn't involve any investigation on the the turbo i'd have to book it in.(cheers!!!)

    sorry beginning to write an essay here so to the point......being a bit handy with a spanner i was wondering if anyone had some advice on how hard it would be to replace the turbo myself for peace of mind and hopefully before i have a bigger problem and cost on my hands,

    thanks once again for reading and thanks even more for any advise
  2. devonmikeyboy

    devonmikeyboy As far from JBS as possible !

    Is the oil coming from the oil feed lines into/out of the turbo or the turbo it`s self though. You might just have a leaking oil feed line. You need to findout where the oil is coming from. rewmoving the turbo is a tight pain in the ass job but with a ramp and some tools etc can be done.

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