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Oil Warning Light

J1 MBO Aug 25, 2010

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  1. J1 MBO

    J1 MBO Member

    I have a 1999 A3 1.6 Sport.

    A couple of days ago the oil warning light came on flashing at me as i drove to work (red dipstick icon flashing and buzzing at me). It then went off, but came back on a few minutes later. I dipped the oil and it was half way between minimum and maximum levels (which are not very far apart). I bought some fully synthetic oil (Local Audi franchise filled it with fully synthetic when it was in for service in March and turn on long life servicing) and put in 3/4 litre only to have the same warning this morning, but then go off after a few moments. To the uneducated, me, this screams of a dodgy sensor?!

    Any thoughts appreciated.

    PS I have a warranty policy from the dealer i got the car from, wondering what the fault could be to check if it might be covered!
Thread Status:
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