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Oil Warning Light / Coolant Warning Light / Coolant Leak

KV72 Sep 19, 2010

  1. KV72

    KV72 New Member

    Hi all,

    I have an A4 1.8T and am having a few problems so need so help!

    Frequently the oil light comes on, have run the diagnostics and cleared the error as all levels were ok. Next time it came on i heard of a little trick of taking out the dipstick, putting it in again, unscrewing the oil cap and replacing it and for some reason it clears the error.This is not of major concern to me as the levels are always bang on, if not a little higher.

    The temperature guage sometimes works and sometimes doesn't! I can drive for 20minutes or more with it remaining on 50 but when i come back to the car after a 30mins or so and go to drive away it is immediatley at 90!!

    Keep a close on all levels as its new to me and am a bit of an addict, all had been ok apart from last week when the coolant warning came on. Jumped out and checked and i couldn't spit more than was in the tank!! Quickly filled it up to just over the min and the error dissappeared. I have driven about 100 miles this week and it is now under the minimum plus had a large puddle under the car when i pulled away from home the other day. Wasn't exactly the colour of the G12+ but it had a pinkish tinge to it. This has happenned twice now.

    When i got the car about 6 months ago the dealer had to replace the radiator, temp sensor and thermostat along with a breather pipe.

    Its going into the garage tomorrow as am worried about damage to the head.

    Does anyone have any clues as to what this could be??
  2. AU01 A4

    AU01 A4 Member

    your leaking coolant could be thermostat housing if it loseing coolent at night when the temp down it start leaking,
  3. Alan H

    Alan H Need a V8 or Bi-Turbo.......

    The oil level light could be the level sensor wiring, over a period of time the copper degrades and becomes brittle. That could be worth a check.

    The coolant could be something a simple as a split hose, get the undertray off and have a look.
  4. KV72

    KV72 New Member

    Thank You so much for your replies, the leak was a crack in the coolant housing so had that replaced.

    Had the temperature switch replaced and so now all is fine apart from the airbag light now being on!!

    Damn It!!

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