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Oil Warning Light - Again!!

NICKY_CDN Feb 14, 2009


    NICKY_CDN 2.0 TDI 140PS

    I posted a good few months ago about oil light on my 2.0 TDT S-line coming on and adding less than 0.5 litres that went over the max.

    I have had to top up since then and then yesterday the light came on again. After about 1.5hrs of the car parked I checked the level and it was above the mid point on the dipstick. So I added less than 1/4 litre and the level was just over max again!!

    I then started driving and after about 20miles the light came on AGAIN!!! I left the car about 5hours and checked the level before going home from work and it was at the same level as I had filled it to. (just above max.)

    The light never came back on on the way home (~15miles) and not used the car since.

    I need my first service soon, so will get audi to look into it as I suspect the sensor is faulty or set at the wrong level. But has anyone else had as many problems as me.

    I had a golf TDI for 5 years and never had to touch the oil once. Had the audi less than 1 year and had to top up 3 times not. not impressed!!:mad:
  2. Chris79

    Chris79 On my 3rd A4! RS4 next???

    Is the warning light level or pressure?

    New engines often use some oil, not really much help in this instance!
  3. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    ye i think you need to identify if its level or pressure.

    If its level then it sounds like theres something up with the level sensor. If its pressure then thats unrelated to the level in the sump...

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