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oil top up 2.0 tdi

a3guy Mar 3, 2007

  1. a3guy

    a3guy Member

    just bought a litre of 0w-30 but reading on here seems i should use 5w-30

    anyone confirm which oil ?

    im on variable service which is due in 1000 miles
  2. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    If the car is on AVS Longlife servicing it must be oil that meets either of the following specifications: VW 506 01 or VW 507 00.

    Castrol Edge 5w-30 meets these specifications as does Shell Helix Ultra VX 5w-30. It is very important to check on the container that it says that it meets these specifications. Ordinary 5w-30 oil may not as it must be an oil designed for longlife service intervals.

    If it's for a 2.0TDI-170 which is fitted with a Diesel Particle Filter then it MUST be oil thats meets VW 507 00.
  3. a3guy

    a3guy Member

    yep realised i have put in vw spec 502.00 503.01 505.00 oil in.

    only used under half a litre so this should be alright since the car is due a service in a 1000 miles although i think im gonna get it serviced early just in case.
  4. alfiejts

    alfiejts Member

    I think the 0w-30 will be ok - don't worry. That was the spec of the 506.01 oil originally specified for the 140BHP 2.0TDi and that's what's specified in my manual - that might even be what is in your engine already from its last service....

    For the variable servicing on a TDI 140 you want 0w-30 506.01, which is what it was actually designed for, or the later 5w-30 507.00 which has superceded it (and they'll mix just fine....).

    (although as Dave says, it is important that the oil specifies the 506 or 507 compliance. Any old oil of the right viscocity won't do, but just putting half a litre in for a few hunderd miles or so isn't going to do any harm - even the manual says that's ok....)
  5. a3guy

    a3guy Member

    exactly i thought 0w-30 was the oil to use but castrol do 2 types to confuse things

    0w-30 edge
    0w-30 edge turbo diesel

    i used the 0w-30 edge which is suposed to be for 1.8t engines over 180bhp
    i only used about 425 ml of it , so should be ok, gonna book the service anyway.

    the catrol naming convention is confusing.

    this 2.0 tdi is going through oil at an alarming rate , it has used 1.5 litres in 4-5k

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