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Oil Service on 07 2.0T FSi

OutLore Feb 18, 2008

  1. OutLore

    OutLore VOIP Dude

    Hi all,

    My car (2.0T FSi) has recently started telling me that it will need an "oil service" - in 1,000 miles. Funny thing is, it's also telling me that 4,000 miles later - it will need a full service.

    So, I call the dealer and book it in for an oil service - only to be told that my car does not have an oil service, that is only seen on the new A4, and the Q7, so "Are you sure it says oil service?" lol

    Just wondering if anyone else has oil service and full service indicators on the DIS?

    They booked me in anyway, to check it out so I'll let you know what the outcome is, but as I am away for 3 weeks it's not until March.
  2. s3mike

    s3mike Member

    Yep, mine has separate oil and inspection service.

    Came in sometime on '07 for the A3 ( and some other models ).

    Currently mine is saying oil service after 10k ( or one year ) and Insepction after 20k ( or three years ).

    I was told it's on variable service but the numbers seem fixed on my DIS!

    Surely we can't expect the dealers to know as much about the car as anyone who owns one - or has read the manual - sad but true!
  3. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    I have just received a letter from my dealer saying that my car will soon be one year old and, if I've done less than 10,000 miles, would I like it changed to the Inspection Service Regime. It also says that this type of service is more suitable if your journeys are short and mainly town and city driving.

    In my case I do tend to do quite a number of longer journeys and my car has done around 14.3k miles. Probably the first car I've ever had where I've done less than about 18-20k miles in a year, but now I am retired all my journeys are private mileage.
  4. Brookie-S3

    Brookie-S3 Member

    i got my S3 as a ex demo, it had 9000m on it, and it said oil service due in 4000m , and full service in 10000m it has 2 sorts of service, also on the full service the oil doesnt get changed....
    it also counts down in days if you dont do the mileage.
    ill be making sure myn gets oil x filter done on full service

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