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Oil pressure warning

Amazo Mar 30, 2013

  1. Amazo

    Amazo New Member

    What's up guys!

    Here in Brazil we don't have many Audis, it is very hard to find car mechanics with Audi knowledge.

    I have just got an A4 1.8 T 2007 and here is the thing:

    My English is poor, I don't know the correct terms you use, but I will try to explain what is happening:

    When I put the car key in the on/acc position, after this screen appears:

    it shows the 'oil pressure' warning and then 'Switch Engine Off and Check Oil Level'.

    But the engine is not on!

    If I turn the engine on, the 'oil pressure' warning never appears.

    Oil level is just fine, I have no idea wtf is happening.

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