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Oil Pressure Light

filipharvey Sep 20, 2007

  1. filipharvey

    filipharvey Amusing Tagline

    Checked the oil on Mrs' A4 at the filling station today and it was low. Real low. So I bought a small bottle of cheap oil ('twas all they had - CarPlan 10w-40 Mineral) and filled it to the required level.

    Drove about 10-15 miles and the oil pressure light came on.
    Stopped the car, and it had gone off so drove it home (2 miles). The light came on again. Once again I turned the engine off and on again, no light!
    However, if I take it over 2000 rpm it will light up.

    Any ideas what is causing it? It is running ok, no unusual sounds or anything.
    Could it just be a sensor? Where is the oil pressure sensor?

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