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Oil Pressure Light

filipharvey Sep 20, 2007

  1. filipharvey

    filipharvey Amusing Tagline

    Checked the oil on Mrs' A4 at the filling station today and it was low. Real low. So I bought a small bottle of cheap oil ('twas all they had - CarPlan 10w-40 Mineral) and filled it to the required level.

    Drove about 10-15 miles and the oil pressure light came on.
    Stopped the car, and it had gone off so drove it home (2 miles). The light came on again. Once again I turned the engine off and on again, no light!
    However, if I take it over 2000 rpm it will light up.

    Any ideas what is causing it? It is running ok, no unusual sounds or anything.
    Could it just be a sensor? Where is the oil pressure sensor?
  2. simonwjones

    simonwjones Member

    Its obviously, the oil you added isnt up to spec. I would empty the lot and refill with proper oil

  3. filipharvey

    filipharvey Amusing Tagline

    I guess the problem is related to the oil (although I'm sure I've used it before with no problems) but I can't see how it would affect pressure.
    Would it?

    EDIT: I've just checked in my shed for the old oil I had been using. It is a Semi-Synthetic 15w-40 another budget brand but it has the required specs on it. I have only been using that as my uncle gave it to me at some point.

    Could it be the mixing of these two causing a problem? Is it now too thin or something?
    I'll hold my hands up and say I haven't a clue about oils!!!
  4. audi80sport

    audi80sport is it home time yet?

    if im right and correct me if im wrong but if you use mineral oil then go to semi Synthetic or indeed fully Synthetic you cannot ever go back to mineral? also i read somewhere on this site i believe that the oil best to use is audi/vw own oil name escapes me now but it has something to do with the viscosity the ??w-??w if you get me? it needs to be a certain thickness...once again correct me if im wrong please...
  5. LaSarthe&Back

    LaSarthe&Back Member

    Reckon your oil pick up pipe is becoming blocked. This makes sense when the engine is taken over 2krpm, as the pump is trying harder to push it through a smaller hole than usual.

    Several S3's pumps have failed, worse case being a new engine!!

    Do a search for oil pump, and then get it booked in for a new pump and pipe.

    The pump isn't the problem, but being strained, you don't know when that'll give up the ghost either!
    Best of luck

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