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Oil Pressure Light in A6

brum_rich Jan 21, 2009

  1. brum_rich

    brum_rich New Member

    I had my oil pump changed in my A6 in Sept 06. The oil pressure warning light has recently come on and the noise from the engine sounds like oil pump has gone again. I took it to the local Audi dealer for diagnostic test and they confirmed oil pressure was low at 1.5 bar when it should be over 3.5. They also noticed that the breather pipes needed replacing.

    Of course being a main dealer they were quoting silly money - they want three hours labour to take the sump apart and diagnose the actual fault and solution. I'm pretty sure it's the pump than needs replacing and they have pretty much said teh same but can't be sure without looking into it further!

    Does anybody know how much these parts (oil pump and breather pipes) would cost without labour?

    Any advice on best/cheapest way of fixing this?
  2. enda1

    enda1 Member

    Whats the year and whats the engine in your car
  3. darklyte

    darklyte It's just a "common problem"

    This sounds like a 1.8T engine with the oil sludge problem... the pump is probably still ok - thing is if the sump, rocker cover and several pipes weren't cleaned out properly first time it doesn't take long for the "bits" to break off and screw up the pickup tube again, or even get into your pump.

    I did this job myself recently and I got a pump for 80 and the strainer for 12, all plus vat - no sump gasket but you need gasket silicon at a tenner a tube. Then there's 4 new bolts so you can put your suspension back together and the ability to lift the car up and also lift the engine on top of that...

    Nasty job and so easy to cut corners and end up with a failure again. 3 hours is quick. If you're on your own with the right tools expect to write off a weekend.

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