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oil pressure gauge help needed

Iridium Mar 14, 2007

  1. Iridium

    Iridium New Member

    Hi all,

    Got some VW/Audi VDO gauges from eBay to fit in my 'other' car. How do i connect the oil pressure one up as i cant get it to work!

    I bought a pressure sender and fitted that, and linked the only lucas-connector output on that to the back of the gauge (the gauge has three connections '+' [wired that to 12v], '-' [wired that to ground], and another input terminal, presumably from the sender. However, when i turn the ignition on the gauge just whacks over to full scale!! There is no change when i start the car either.

    The gauges came with a three-pronged relay but i'm not sure what this does or how to connect it. Anybody got any ideas or a wirng diagram to help me??


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