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Oil on my drive - please help!!

claytonleemeyer Jun 5, 2009

  1. claytonleemeyer

    claytonleemeyer New Member


    I recently bought a 2003 A3 TDi sport 130. Ther are 80k miles on the clock. This was 3 weeks ago. In the 3 weeks I have 1) Paid £170 to get the drivers door lock changes due to the 'driver door display showing as open' common fault. 2) Had to change the battery costing me £70 due to the battery just dying of apparent old age one night (took it to local garage and would not hold charge) 3) Noticed several 'jammy dodger' size patches of oil on my drive.

    This is the bit that is concerning me the most (maybe unnecassarily) but I know nothing about cars. Mt neighbour jacked it up and could feel oil seeping through the cover that is held on by about a million allen key screws but couldn't locate where the leak was coming from, nor could he see any oil under the bonnett as everything is just in the way.

    The oil is not dripping out constantly as I watched for about half hour and didn't see a drop (sad I know) and some mornings there is no 'fresh' oil mark on the drive.

    I know this a really vague diagnosis but does anyone have a clue as to whether I should be slightly / very worried or what it could be??

    Also, any ideas what costs inolved in redoing the leather on driver seat as it's starting to fade / wear?

    Nice one
  2. ash_pearce

    ash_pearce Member VCDS Map User

    Your not doing yourself any favours with that kind of question tbh. Ask your neighbour to take the cover off under the engine and have a better look. Its impossible to tell you where the oil is coming from.

    As for your drivers door lock, my bet it was just the sensor that probably just needed a clean. Worse case replacing not the whole lock?! How well do you trust this garage?
  3. mrfuzzyfelts

    mrfuzzyfelts New Member

    Take off cover and have a good look, its the only way!

    Could be the sump plug washer ;-)
  4. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    same again take the cover off and clean every thing up, you can them blow baby powder over the various areas to show where the leak is comoing from. It could be just the sump plug or even someone has spilt oil topping up the engine oil. Hard to say without seeing it tbh
  5. claytonleemeyer

    claytonleemeyer New Member

    It was defo the whole lock that needed doing as per about 10 different garages...Audi Cardiff did it cheaper as I had friends and family rate luckily..

    Will get cover off an look!

  6. MintyS3

    MintyS3 Works 60% the time, Everytime.

    Best way to hunt a leak is to clean the engine and then when you see the oil you can usually trace it.

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