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oil on driver side of engine bay on 1.9TDi (130)

lgatland Nov 7, 2006

  1. lgatland

    lgatland New Member

    We are just off on a long trip over the next few days up to the lakes. I was just performing the usual checks (oil level etc) when i noticed that there was a patch of oil on the driver side of the engine bay, as if it had been sprayed there!. It appears to be coming from a valve/leaver attached to the top of the engine (sorry - poor description, but my knowledge of modern desiel engines is minimal).

    I wiped all the oil away, cleaned the valve/leaver and left it for a few days. Checked this morning - and the oil is back!

    The car isn't loosing oil quicker than normal. There is no lose of power, no increase in noise or anything else that appears to be wrong.

    Just hope it isn't anything bad (when i say bad i mean expensive!) as the car has just turned 3 yrs old, so the warranty has run out. Plus would be a tad annoying if anything happened on the way up to or while we are on holiday in the lake district - its a long way home!
  2. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    should be ok,noticed this on a few vw/audi tdi's,ya talkin about the black valve/silver rod?

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