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Oil Level Sensor on Early S3's?

metricspaces Feb 27, 2009

  1. metricspaces

    metricspaces Member

    Anyone here with an 1999 S3?

    I checked my oil the other week and the dipstick was spotless. I ended up putting 1.5 litres into my 99 S3.

    So I was wondering why the oil level sensor didn't go off.

    I had the oil changed today and the mechanic told me that my car didn't have an oil level sensor. Is this true? Did the early S3's not come with an oil level sensor?

    If some didn't, is it possible\easy to retrofit them?
  2. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    I think the sensor is at such a low level its not worth having but may be wrong. Never let mine go low enough to check
  3. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    Yeah there was a thread a few days ago about this and most people said that the level has to be really low before the snesor even detected it.

    The best oil level sensor is to check the dipstick every couple of weeks.
  4. metricspaces

    metricspaces Member

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone here with an 99 S3 ever had the oil level warning light come up.

    My S3 managed to burn 1.5 litres in 6months \ 5K miles. Is this really unusual?

    The mechanic said there was no signs of a leak or that it was burning oil.

    But 1.5 litres seems alot to me. Is it a sign of a turbo on the way out? Or something else?

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