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Oil Leak (with pics)

MidnightBlue May 8, 2013

  1. MidnightBlue

    MidnightBlue New Member

    Hello all,

    Ok so I've had the car a week, noticed a bit of oil leaking from underneath the engine and some visible inside the engine bay.

    The history of the car is it's a 58 with 55k miles, FASH, last one done in Jan this year so it's been looked after.

    I've took some pics to show where a little puddle has appeared in the engine bay, by the colour of the oil it looks pretty fresh.

    Could it have been overfilled and has overflowed when I've driven around, not sure how long it was sitting in the dealers showroom???

    View attachment 15217 View attachment 15218 View attachment 15219
  2. bmh.01

    bmh.01 Member

    Could do with some better pictures with the engine cover/airbox removed but looks like the usual weap from the cam cover. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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