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oil leak HELP PLS lads

khalil Dec 2, 2008

  1. khalil

    khalil Member

    hi all, i got my car checked for a oil leak at my local garage which i been using for years,got it steamed cleaned but at that time they found no oil leak, so was told to drive it for few weeks and see what happens, so took it in today and there seems to be 3 oil leaks or more, one was a obvious one which the turbo pipe was not on proper so that was a quick fix, but the other two, one seems to be coming from behind the cambelt pully there is a seal there and it seems to be leaking from there the other one is behind the manifold,he advise me to be 100% sure he sending my car to a guy he knows who knows the a3's proper, had any one had this sort of problems, any advise will be very helpful to me,
    thanks all

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