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oil leak from an EGR Valve and poor starting - related?

chill14 Aug 25, 2008

  1. chill14

    chill14 Newbie

    My car has started playing up again, in that it is not starting first time every time. For example I went to South Wales last weekend for Volksfest Wales and did over 300 miles without a blip.

    Come Monday morning to go to work and it took three long sessions with the key to get the thing to start. I had over 1/4 tank of fuel left so I know it wasn't low on that. Once going I filled it up and i'd say every other time I've come to start it, it has not started first time.

    So today I'd thought I have a look to see if I could see anything obvious before I phone Audi.

    While looking at the front of the engine it was apparent that there is oil leak, as it splattered up the front of the block and all over the pipes behind the EGR valves. I have checked and sure enough it is actually dripping out from the vacuum side of the EGR valve. I wiped it away and run the engine for a few minutes and a drip re-appeared.

    Surely this can't be correct? I know you get blow off on boost pipes, but the EGR valve?

    Anyone else had this happen? Is it going to mean a new EGR valve? Would this contribute to my poor starting?
  2. Jay.Ing

    Jay.Ing Active Member Team Ibis Bronze Supporter Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    My EGR valve was changed in my 130PD ibiza for that mate, get it looked at and if it does it will probably just be the diaphragm! Easy job!!!
  3. chill14

    chill14 Newbie

    Well it turns out I have a cracked cylinder head and that the two are related. I took it in to Audi Sutton Coldfield yesterday and they have diagnosed that it had gone.:( They are ordering parts and have advised that its covered by the 12 month extended warrranty they gave me..:rock:

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