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Oil in intercooler TDI Quatrro

womble7 Jul 8, 2010

  1. womble7

    womble7 New Member

    When my car was being serviced they noticed that I had a small patch of oil on the inner wheel arch on the drivers side and told me that it was oil leaking from the intercooler due to the turbo having a slight oil leak and that I would need a new turbo to fix the problem.
    Anyone else had this problem and is it the Turbo as the car seems to run fine with no smoking etc.
    If it is the turbo how much would it cost roughly for a garage to change it for me.
  2. s17atw

    s17atw Member

    Try new seals in the intercooler pipes, all diesels pass a small amount of oil through the intercooler system!
    I wouldnt just go replacing the turbo straight away

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