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Oil feed pipe burst on 2.5tdi quattro GTB2260VK conversion

cready Oct 20, 2012

  1. cready

    cready New Member


    I am in the process of upgrading my car with the following

    GTB2260VK turbo
    bosio race 683 nozzles
    custom remap

    The turbo is fitted(pain to do) but ok, i had fitted a temp fuel hose for the oil feed(which burst) until i purchased a custom one but was driving home the other night and the oil light come on and it steadily got worse....loss of power and shuddering until i could pull over(didn`t sound to good) looked under the bonnet and oil everywhere. It chucked about 3-4 ltrs out of the engine, i have since replaced oil but on trying to restart the car it making some funny noises but more or less within a couple of turns of the key it did seam to turn over ok as more oil was getting pumped through the engine.

    I have since found also that all 6 glow plugs do not work, i have replaced 3 but waiting for other 3 on monday....i can`t understand why the plugs all of a sudden dont work as the car was starting 1st turn of the key everytime in hot or cold conditions,dont know whether above problem has anything to do with it.

    I just hope they is not any damage done to engine due to rapid loss of oil in this way, i should have pulled over straight away! If the lifters dont get enough oil they close stopping the valves from opening and closing....is this right? maybe the oil hasn`t worked its way through enough for them to open them lifter/valves etc....to start the car

    Dont know if this has happened to anyone else but am abit gutted if it is worst case and damage has been done. Just had to get nozzles set up and remap to finish the upgrade

    Any advice would be appreciated

    My car is a4 2.5 tdi quattro estate 2000 model 150hp AKN

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