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Oil dipstick guide..and water temp sensor

Custard Dec 7, 2009

  1. Custard

    Custard New Member

    Hello, the other week i replaced my thermostat, during which my helper managed to break the plastic dipstick guide, as a temp measure i taped it up.

    today i purchased a new one from audi, upon removing the broke one, where its so brittle the bottom had broken off inside the metal guide....(you can see where this is going)
    even with being very careful i still managed to drop a small piece of plastic down the dipstick hole...:keule: even after modifying the vacum cleaner im not sure if it came out so i can only assume its now in my sump.

    size - about 1/3 of your little finger nail.

    i havent started the engine yet, was thinking about just changing the oil and filter tomorrow. just a pain with getting to work.

    has this happened to anyone else ? did you just forget about it ?:ninja:

    right now for the next story.

    I also bought a new water temp sensor that goes in the top rad hose, green replacement of blue one.

    but it doesnt fit the plug. i gave the audi man my chassis number. the part number of the part his given me is -

    A059 919 501 A 20B08 TEMPERATURESEND £25.90

    its 4 pin, but the pins are too small and the socket is half round with other half square and its far too deep.

    Obvisly im going to go back tomorrow, but would just be nice to know the correct part number and what his acctually given me.

    Thanks for your help.

    complete fail.:crying:
  2. sportstractor

    sportstractor Chugger

    well... you are a donut.

    hope you didnt use your mothers vacuum.

    'reverse gear' seems to be appropiate
  3. ex_scoobydoo

    ex_scoobydoo Member

    same happend with me on the dipstick guide, i just left it and hope for the best, as id only done an oil change the week before, as for the sender mine fit straight on, but im sure i have read somewere, some people have had the change the plug, try a search for temp senser it might throw something up.
  4. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Sportstractor? That sounds suspiciously like Hayes to me! Davey is indeed a donut.

    Custard, I wouldn't be too worried about the bit of plastic, it's bigger than the size of the gauze on the oil pick up pipe, so it'll probably just get munched up or melted in no time.

    As for the sender, I tried to get a pic of mine for you, but it's dark, and my phone camera is gay!
  5. Custard

    Custard New Member

    yeah hayes couldnt wait to express his feelings, na it wasnt my mums vac, i learnt the hard way not to use it :( lol

    thanks for your reply ex scoobydoo, i think ill see how i feel in the morning as to weather i can be bothered to go by bike...
  6. Welly

    Welly VX220 SC Driver :)

    Yeah, forget about it, it'll be absolutely fine. That oil will get plenty hot enough to melt it fairly swiftly!
  7. Custard

    Custard New Member

    Right, ive been back to audi, and basically the above part number is for a slightly later revised one, so the square one is the same part number but without the a on the end - A059 919 501

    audi service ftw! the guy gave me the right one and just said drop the other one back in when your passing. the square one is also slightly more expensive but he wasnt worried about the difference just sorry for messing me around. wouldnt get that kind of service in my local eurocarparts :icon_thumright:

    i also drove the car this morning as it was clearly FAR to cold to ride a push bike. and it seems ok, so fingers crossed :scared2:


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