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  1. Anyone know where i can find the oil cooler on my 97 A4? If so, are there any tell tale signs that it is knackered? I thought my head gasket had gone after discovering some murky looking fluid leaking from the engine bay. After a little investigation and finding the coolant chamber empty (except for a brown gunk) i settled on the decision that the head gasket had gone. The oil in the engine was also pretty much non existant where it was trying to cool it by itself. Not being able to afford anyones prices for this kinda job i thought i'd give it a go. Only prob is that the sump is not full of that gunk (oil and coolant mixed), so i'm left wondering whether it is the head gasket after all???? Anyone out there got any ideas on any of this?
  2. Aytonkid

    Aytonkid New Member

    Best thing to do is take it to a garage, and for a small fee, they will do a compression test on it and also measure the gases in the coolant to see if there is indeed a gasket leak. I think the oil cooler on your car is the small box type cooler which the oil filter screws into. This little metal box has oil and water (from the main water coolant) flowing through. You will see the pipes that connect to it. If I'm wrong, someone will correct me! It could well be leaking as they are prone to oil/coolant leaks. Best get compression and gas checked at a garage though. Normally if the gasket leaks you will get 'white' smoke coming from the exhaust, but this depends on the severity of the leak. As for the gunk not being in the sump/oil, water doesn't always stray into the oilway - it depends on where the gasket is leaking. Sometimes it just goes into the combustion chamber.

    Hope this helps
  3. moschino

    moschino Member


    If you want to keep your costs down and don't mind 2nd hand parts then try the following contact. They can post the item to you. just make sure you give them all the details so they send the correct part.

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