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Oil Cooler Problem advice needed

galashan Sep 11, 2013

  1. galashan

    galashan New Member

    Hi All

    I just took my car to a garage (local Village garage) due to my car having a Oil leak they checked it out and said that they think it is coming from the Oil Cooler and that they need to replace the Seal, just had them ring me and say that they cant get the part and to replace it they are going to have to take the whole front end of the car off.

    Surely they don't have to take off the whole front end of my car to get to it ???

    can anyone give me some advice on how easy the job is and a rough price of what its likely to cost to get it fixed as the garage i spoke to didn't say, too confident on my Car and looking for a few ballpark figures so i have a rough idea of what im looking at price wise

    I live in Northamptonshire and my car is a Audi A3 2.0 FSI 2005 Reg
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  2. phil76

    phil76 Active Member

    From memory they are on the front of the car half way the block so not easy access unless they can get it from under but i think the fans are in the way so sounds legitimate.
  3. autolatry

    autolatry Active Member

    Oil cooler is about £100 from GSF. Front end doesn't need to come off altogether just moved into the service position with everything still connected. An hours labour would do it. Obviously you will need new oil and filter as well.
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  4. galashan

    galashan New Member

    Thanks that's good to know, anyone reliable in the Northamptonshire area who people would recommend to do the job

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