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Oil cooler leaking??

Aytonkid Jun 15, 2004

  1. Aytonkid

    Aytonkid New Member

    Hi, I am just about to buy an audi 80 coupe 1995 16v model (the one that shares the 2 litre vw engine). This is the fourth car I have seen now, although it is very good condition and has only 69,000 miles on the clock, it too has an oil leak in the same place as all the others I have seen. Its coming out fromn behind the square oil cooler (where the oil filter sits). It isn't the oil filter seal either, which was my first thought. Is this a common problem with this engine? and does it spell trouble? The car runs fine, no warning lights or anything and the oil pressure runs at 6 bar when started and slowly dops to around 5.5 bar when warmed up. There is oil dripping onto the shield that sits underneath the engine (which I guess is from the leaking cooler). Any thoughts on this? Has anyone had this trouble before?

    Thanks all for any input!!


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