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Oil/coolant leak

Iknownothing Feb 26, 2014

  1. Iknownothing

    Iknownothing New Member

    Hi all,

    A quick description of symptoms.

    A4 57 2.0tdi 170 BRD engine with 58k miles.

    Oil leak from back left corner of cam cover which drips on to cat and turbo (sticks at lights). Lots of Mayo inside the cam cover. Coolant goes through about 2ltrs in a month to 6 weeks. Occasional limp mode, which is cured by turning off and on. Usually goes into limp when accelerating under cruise control.

    It's had in the last 6 months:-

    New cam cover and gasket(x2) with audi.
    Brand new turbo
    Oil pump balance shaft repair
    EGR cooler
    Various flange repairs
    So many oil changes I've lost count.

    I bypassed the oil cooler for a short while to try and rule it out and it still lost coolant. Where the hell else can it lose coolant from??

    The last place to have it were fairly convinced it isn't the head gasket as none of the telltale signs were there.

    Anyone had this? Could it be a cracked block?
  2. tut_gareth

    tut_gareth Member

    Sounds like a head gasket or cracked head to me.

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