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Oil Change Procedure: 2.5 Tdi

Minxy Jul 31, 2005

  1. Minxy

    Minxy New Member

    Have just bought a 2001 A6 Avant 2.5 Tdi.
    It's done 70k miles, and has had the long services from audi - one at 22k miles, and one at 54k miles in April 2004 (I think).
    The computer tells me I have 14k miles till next service.
    Have checked the oil and it's a little low, but no warning light yet.
    I plan to do an oil change before the next service, myself, using Comma Longlife F/Synth 0W/30 (VW506 01, 506 00 and 503 00 compliant).
    Is this oil OK, and anything I should know about audi or diesel specific oil change procedures?
    Also, is there any point in doing the filter too?
  2. always change the oil filter when doing an oil change.

    it must be the easiest engine to do an oil chan ge on to be honest, took me 20 mins and that included removing the plastic tray under neath.

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