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Oil change 2.0 tdi?? DIY or Dealer? 10k or 20K?

mx_rab Apr 5, 2011

  1. mx_rab

    mx_rab Member

    So on night shift cleaning the car (as you do) and was thinking, as my audi is only a year old and done 10k i usually change the oil and filter around this time on any car i have had. However the car tells me i still have over a year or 9700 miles until the oil needs done.

    How can audi justify not having an oil change at 10k?

    Also can i do an oil change myself at 10K without affecting the warranty?

    Oh and i got a free 2 year service plan when i bought the car, now does this mean everything is included when service time comes or is that minus an oil change?

    Views and opinions appreciated
  2. gixer600

    gixer600 New Member

    hi mate ,,, audi usea long life engine oil which is good for 20,000 miles personally i would like to change it yearly for piece of mind i used to run a sti 9 and changed that every 3500 miles ............ a genuine oil filter from audi is 7 pounds from audi..{no one will be able to tell if you have changed it] you have to watch what oil you use the 170 dpf tdi is different to the 140 it uses a lower sulphur oil so it does not cabon up the exhaust and block the dpf........... if it was me i would change it it wont do any harm just cost you 40 od quid.....
  3. mx_rab

    mx_rab Member

    Cheers for the reply mate. Yeah it doesnt hurt to change it every 10K. Im going to keep up with the audi service history but as you say for peice of mind id like to do it myself every 10K or 1 year. Would you use audi genuine oil or the equivalent audi recommended oil that you can pick up from say halfords? I have the 140 2.0 tdi btw.
  4. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Castrol Edge 5w/30 specifically approved for VAG vehicles. There are others, of course !
  5. markie A3

    markie A3 Member

    I totally agree with Gixer600, I also had a scooby, and I changed its oil every 4000 miles. Jusy my opinion, but i'd not want to run my cars oil over 10.000 miles and possibly 2 winters, some may say its not needed, or extravogant, but for £40 ish, and if OE filter, and Audi dealer oil used, it should be undetectable.... Dont forget a new sump plug washer

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