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Oil and gearbox oil change help :P

Flemboy1990 Dec 18, 2012

  1. Flemboy1990

    Flemboy1990 New Member

    Hey guys, going to be doing a oil change soon, and though to do a gearbox oil change aswel, guna leave the rear diff and just do the front , just have a few questions, are the drain plugs on the gearbox magnetic as standard?? Are there two drain bolts on the front and one filler hole?? Also was going to use fully synthetic 75w90 is that ok??

    Aww also when I've changed oil in gearboxes before I've always filled up till it starts overflowing out of the filler hole,

    any help much appreciated
  2. Sam_

    Sam_ Down under

    The transfer case (which you also need to drain) has a magnetic plug. My gearbox didn't but that's not to say some might. My oil looked ok (rear stank and looked ****e) so might have been changed right before I owned it. There's a filler on the front.

    You should be able to work everything out from this:
    Transmission Oil Replacement album | mcphill | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy.

    GL5 in the rear. GL4 in the front. 75w90 like you say but check the GL rating. Rear was 1L on mine, front took about 3. You fill once on the front, dive for 5 minutes for it to circulate to the the transfer box and then re-check and fill as required.

    I'd advise you buy a suction pump to fill it else it'd be well fiddly. It was a leisurely 30 minute job if that, with the right tools.

    Also, search. This gets covered weekly, I'm sure. If you find the onsite search a bit pony, use google. Type: site:audi-sport.net followed by your search term and it'll usually come up trumps.

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