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oil advice (APY lump)

Burnsie666 May 16, 2013

  1. Burnsie666

    Burnsie666 Member

    Hi all

    Looking for a bit of info on oil grade, my APY S3 is due a change and a quick google search has brought up ALOT of different opinions. In the past i have topped up with edge 5w30 fully but looking online it seems a few people are running 100k plus 1.8 20VT lumps on 10w 40 semi?

    cars got 113K on it which i know isnt a million miles for a vag lump i just wanted to check before i go spending out on some potentially rubbish stuff :(

    cars used on a 30 mile comute everyday (motorway) and a quick b road blast to the grand parents at weekends ;)

    im used to n/a cars and allways used to run mobile one 10/40 semi or millers on my high mileage ZS180

    whats the general thoughts on the above? car does need a top up every now and then on the old 5w30 so should i be going thicker?

    Thanks in advance all! :)
  2. Dani_B19

    Dani_B19 Audi-sports own special child.

    Fully syn 5w-40 is what you need mate.
  3. Burnsie666

    Burnsie666 Member

    ideal mate thanks for that! :)

    Have any of you used Lucas oil stabilizer in a s3 before? ive used on my kv6 but understand thats a whole different ball game compared to the s3 haha
  4. Vex182

    Vex182 Guess what I drive...

    I agree with 5-40. I was on 5-30 and it was using a little of it and I mean a little. Since going on the 40w, it uses none.

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