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Oh! What can the Rattle be?

noddy tt Jun 13, 2009

  1. noddy tt

    noddy tt Reidy

    Help! I have a A4 cab 2002 2.4 v6 petrol and have a really annoying tinney rattle coming from underneath the car. I have only recently noticed this due to having the roof down.I have jacked the car up about ten times now but found nothing. I have changed a couple of worn bushes (Control arms etc ) But rattle remains. could it be coming from inside the gear box as it seems to eminate from this area?. I have checked for loose covers on the exhaust etc. Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome (Except turning up the stereo or wearing ear muffs lol :keule:)

  2. markyzs180

    markyzs180 Member

    Check all of the heatshields, they are made from thin metal and if loose can make one hell of a racket!! The only other thing I can think of are the support straps (?) on the cabs that run on the underside from just by the doors to the rear by the spare wheel well (diagonally) A couple of the bolts were loose on mine when they took them off to fit my zorst recently.

  3. noddy tt

    noddy tt Reidy

    Hi Mark, Just checked the diagonal straps all seem ok ill jack it up and give them a wee tighten tomorrow.
    Cheers for the advice.
  4. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    Might be a longshot but I had an annoying rattle at the rear underside and it turned out to be a loose Breakpad, just rattled every now nd again and drove me fooking nuts. All sorted now!
  5. noddy tt

    noddy tt Reidy

    Thanks but recently coppereased the back of the pads due to it sounding like a taxi lol. All pads are free and the rattle persists under braking. Thanks for that as it does sound like the noise made when you rattle the caliper heat sheild (tinney).

    cheers i will try my best to eliminate all these sugestions.

    A kind man uploaded a pic of my car for me on the photography and photo section ! looks great sounds like im draggin a beans tin underneath lol

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