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  1. ricostuart

    ricostuart Active Member

    So, this month I had to replace the two front discs again! The last set only lasted about 2k miles before warping. Not happy. That was intotal with labour £320! Anyway, all sorted, but today, some ****ING PRICK in a white car of some sort decided that its best to reverse out of a parking space using my backdoor as a guide. ****ing huge lines across my rear drivers door, the blade is scratched all along its length, and so is the plastic door strip.


    Anyway, does anyone know the cost of replacing the two plastic strips on the rear door?
  2. TOM.S

    TOM.S Active Member Silver Supporter

    ohhh snap.. feel sorry for you..
    and to join the FFS club.
    I just noticed yesterday morning that all 4 centre caps were stolen... nowhere near as bad as urs but still ******* annoying
    so i never ever go for genuine audi wheels again.

    hope u get urs sorted and will have a nice a quiet x mass holidays.
  3. lukey baby

    lukey baby Member

    f*****g c***s, I know how it feels having my car used as a "guide for reversing" .

    Hope you get it sorted soon mate!
  4. ricostuart

    ricostuart Active Member

    thanks guys. suprisingly annoyed by it! but thats life right?
  5. DieselJake

    DieselJake God Mode

    Had mine stolen too, worse thing was this happened when it was having bodywork at my friends garage so I couldn't really say much as it could of been anyone there and the work was being done free so just accepted the theft as tax.

    Which plastic strips do you need replacing? Probably best down your local scrap yard or looking for car's being broken near by. If your like my friends and they can be taken off another car... not that I would advise breeching the law ;)
  6. ricostuart

    ricostuart Active Member

    I will be needing both on the rear door - the door blade as well as the rubbing strip. Guess this might accelerate my plasti-dip the whole car plan! :D

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