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Offside rear door - electrics ?

Markm49 Feb 17, 2008

  1. Markm49

    Markm49 Member

    Well I have my first issue - hopefully not the start of many!

    On Thursday when travelling down to Hungerford on business I noticed that the drivers side rear door would not unlock - thought maybe it was stuck or maybe even frozen(although it was lunch time).

    The only way I could get it to open was to open from the inside using the handle - then my problems got worse cause now the door wouldn't lock so I had to leave it for a couple of days parked in hotel car parks unlocked - luckily it's been ok but it would be just my luck !

    Noticed last night though when I arrived home that the electric windows were not working either and also the door puddle lights were out - I assume therefore that the electrics have blown for this door - does each door have it's own fuse on the A3 ?

    looks like a trip to the dealer tomorrow.

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