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Offset v handling & tyre pressure advice

HerefordQuattro Mar 31, 2010

  1. Have just bought some brand spanking new 18" genuine Audi alloys (8E0071498666) for my A6(C5). Now looking at the part number and the offset of ET40mm i think they are for an A4?
    Original alloys were 16"x7J ET45 so with the new 8J ET40 they stick out 18mm more from the arch and 8mm towards the strut. Visually this looks ok and clearance isn't a problem but steering is slightly heavier, sure the tyres are 225 instead of original 205 but i think the effective increase in track may be changing the geometry enough to notice, discusss...

    Also any sugestions for tyre pressures on a 225/40/ZR18 Falken FK452 carrying a 2.5tdi Quattro A6 Avant (currently running whatever the tyre fitter put in 2 days ago!)

    cheers fellas:happy:

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