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Off Topic: CARK91

imported_DeanoMorph Dec 31, 2004

  1. Sorry guys, a bit off topic but I thought someone may had had a similar problem.....

    I've had the TDI 130 for a few months now & I'm well chuffed, different class again to the old B5 TDI 90hp that I had before.

    As an ex company car the new motor came fitted with the CARK 91 handsfree kit. It's agreat job, dead handy but as the new phones out there get smaller & better looking the Nokia 6310i that I have starts to look more & more like a house brick.

    Dont get me wrong It's a great phone bluetooth & all that but I fancy a change.

    Question is really, Is it possible to just change the cradle or would i have to replace the whole kit?


  2. Most of the Kit - I have same problem - Fitted the CK7 Nokia kit which works via bluetooth with no cradle - so your not limted to the choice of phone - I even checked this out with Nokia - unless they were pulling my P***er !
  3. nolanbailey

    nolanbailey New Member

    I had the same problem until I discovered that you can buy an a 'Pop-Port' adapter that enables the new Nokia Phones to interface with the CARK-91. The adapter costs £52.45 including delivery from www.mobilefun.co.uk.

    They also sell a bluetooth adapter for the CARK-91 as well.


  4. Cheers nolan thats the very job for me!

    Thanks for replying guys.

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