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OEM S3 Skirts & Sill Inlays

rdfcpete Mar 8, 2013

  1. rdfcpete

    rdfcpete Member


    I'm thinking down the OEM S3 8P3 front & rear bumper route, including the OEM skirts too. No badges of course, just to achieve an OEM+ body look in the most subtle fashion. I intend to retain the OEM Black edition grill surround and grill itself.

    I understand the S3 inlays that come as part of the OEM skirts can't be changed to S-Line ones (like my BE currently has).
    Can they, however, be removed without a fight? Ideally, I wouldn't want the S3 inlays and if I could retrofit S-Line ones that would be my aim.

    The only 3 door skirts I've seen that are anything to my taste are the Votex ones but I want to stay on the OEM path where absolutely possible.

    My cars an MY10 A3 BE 3door and the bumpers & skirts would be from an MY10 onwards S3 too.

  2. Ironborn

    Ironborn English...not so good

    You would have to remove the little lugs on the underside of the sill and sand the whole area flat, then you just glue it back on.
  3. Arjuanamo

    Arjuanamo 4300K

    I went down to Chingford Audi yesterday to get all the parts i needed for the skirts,turns out the prices of every part has gone up for some reason.Ended up costing 560 (Trade) for the two skirts,4 door blades,2 end caps and a couple screws. Didn't want to go for the S3 sills as they cost an extra £300 and i wouldn't want S3 badged anywhere in my car.One of my friends said it was a pain in the backside getting the sline sills to fit but is a better option in the end in my opinion.
  4. tcardio

    tcardio Well-Known Member

    before i purchased the s3 sills, i used my sline and they fit with a little work. did you get the orange inserts to secure the skirts?

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