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OEM Head bolts

tompearson Apr 8, 2010

  1. tompearson

    tompearson It's all in bits

    Are the OEM head bolts M9 Ribe or some size in between M9 and M10 as the eBay sellers would have you believe?

    VAG have no head bolt bits in the country so it is a 10-15 days wait. Alternatively Sealey do a tool they claim is M9 Ribe, Laser one they claim is M10 Ribe (I have an M10 and it didn't seem to fit) and US places state a #10 polydrive which I thought was just another name for a Ribe but I'm not sure what the #10 means.
  2. Welly

    Welly VX220 SC Driver :)

    I used a Sealey bit kit one on mine and it fitted spot on. I think they are M10 IIRC.

    Use one of the Sealey ones, and a deep 10mm socket for the 2 pairs of head bolts on either end.
  3. Andrew@A.L.D

    Andrew@A.L.D May add NOS to 600+bhp S3.

    There M9.5 Ribe i was told witch i got the tool from Ebay
  4. tompearson

    tompearson It's all in bits

    Whilst searching on google again I came across a similar post in the audi sport archive (Bizarrely it doesn't come up using the audi sport search) that also suggests M10, but I retried this and it is definitively too big to fit.

    I also found I had an M9 and whilst this fits in there is some play in it and I really don't want to knacker these so I've ordered an eBay tool.

    Last edited: Apr 8, 2010
  5. Backdraft Motorsport

    Backdraft Motorsport 1.8T & 2.0TFSi Specialists Site Sponsor

    The only place I have found to make the best fitting head bolt tool is Snap-On. Its the perfect length too. Its not a ribe tool for the head bolts as a ribe has squarer egdes rather than the more rounded ones needs for the head bolts.
  6. tompearson

    tompearson It's all in bits

    eBay tool worked great - according to some blurb I found the head bolts changed some time in 99 so it looks my APY had the older style which, as above, is in between an M9 and M10 ribe. Thanks for the assistance.

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