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oem halogen headlights adjustment LHD / RHD???

TOM.S Mar 17, 2014

  1. TOM.S

    TOM.S Active Member Silver Supporter

    Hello everyone.
    Does anyone know if the standard B7 halogen headlights can be switched/adjusted from RHD to LHD?
    on my old 2000 reg a3 there was a lever inside the headlight to do so, so I assume an 2005 a4 should have it too.
    I got one of the lights out today to have a look , but couldn't find the lever or anything similliar in it.

    Can anyone give me an answer?
  2. ben.w93

    ben.w93 Member

    I know the lever that you mean, I had the same on my previous A3, I doubt the B7 halogen unit does as it has a reflector instead of a projector. I am not 100% sure though as I had OEM HID in my B7. Hope that may help.

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