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OEM bluetooth problem, please help.

Dallas Sep 26, 2010

  1. Dallas

    Dallas New Member

    i have a 2007 s line that i have fiited rns-e in and then fitted an oem bluetooth kit . My dilema is that no matter what i do when i call someone i can here them but they cant here me. I have now rewired the car for sds as it rns-e seems to be enabled for it but still the same, i have a genuine vagciom but not huge amount of vag experience, i am a Citroen Consulatant Tech of 15 years, but its doing my head in.
    I seem to keep getting a permenant fault in nav of short to earth of the mic, not sure if i have a faulty mic or if i have the coding cocked up in the bluetooth or the nav.
    My question is does anybody no what could be the problem and is maybe base in the south or west Wales area so i could take it to them and get them to check as i have wasted to many hours on this allready:banghead:, i know this item has been done to death on various forums but i cant seem to find the write info for my vehicle.
    The rnse was a refurbished unit from UV comunications in the UK amd the bluetooth came from carsystems in Poland, everything works bar the mic and the sds only seems to give me phone options.
    Pleeeeease Help will gladly pay for the info that helps me cure this issue.
    Thanks Dallas.
  2. RMH1A4cab

    RMH1A4cab I'm in Cruise control

    My oem bluetooth kit , the mic was wired the wrong way round so no one could hear me , swapped it around and it worked perfect .

    Ps this is not that uncommon.

    PPS noticed yours came from car systems , thats where mine was from .

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